NSMA Awards Weekend/Convention Attendance List


The list of winners committed to attending the 64th NSMA Awards Weekend & National Convention continues to grow. Along with Hall of Famers Joe Buck, Andrea Kremer, and Jayson Stark, and National winners Kevin Harlan and Jeff Passan, 25 of our state award winners have indicated they'll be coming to Greensboro this summer.

Here is the list, updated April 12th.

Joe Buck Hall of Fame Sportscaster
Andrea Kremer Hall of Fame Sportscaster
Jayson Stark Hall of Fame Sportswriter
Ken Rosenthal Presenter Sportswriter
Kevin Harlan National Sportscaster
Jeff Passan National Sportswriter
Greg Schulte Arizona Sportscaster
Bob Joyce Connecticut Sportscaster
Mark Woodley Iowa Sportscaster
Arne Green Kansas Sportswriter
Jayson Jorgensen Nebraska Sportscaster
Ed Graney Nevada Sportswriter
Justin McIsaac New Hampshire Sportscaster
Allen Lessels New Hampshire Sportswriter
Scot Galleti New Mexico Sportscaster
Will Webber New Mexico Sportswriter
Mike Solarte North Carolina Sportscaster
Brendan Marks North Carolina Sportswriter
Bill Rabinowitz Ohio Sportswriter
Sean Highkin Oregon Sportswriter
John Clark Pennsylvania Sportscaster
Olivia Reiner Pennsylvania Sportswriter
John Rooke Rhode Island Sportscaster
Pete Iacobelli South Carolina Sportswriter
John Thayer South Dakota Sportscaster
Marcus Traxler South Dakota Sportswriter
Mike Keith Tennessee Sportscaster
Teresa Walker Tennessee Sportswriter
Noah Cierzan Vermont Sportscaster
Cassidy Wood West Virginia Sportscaster
Erick Pauley Wyoming Sportscaster

And here's a map so you can see which states winners are coming from.

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