International Sports Press Association (AIPS)

The International Sports Press Association, or AIPS (abbreviated from its French name, Association Internationale de la Presse Sportive), has 160 national associations (including the NSMA in the US) throughout the world. Among its many aims, AIPS advocates for sports media rights, issues identification cards used by many international sporting events for credentialing, hosts programs for young sports journalists, and honors excellence through its international awards.

In order to obtain an AIPS card, media members must also be members of their home country association. NSMA members wishing to obtain an AIPS card should go to the Join Today page for more information, and to purchase the combined AIPS/NSMA membership, before going to the AIPS website to apply for the AIPS card.

AIPS headquarters

Address: Avenue de la Gare 12, 1003 Lausanne, Switzerland

Phone: +39-0381-690 636 Email:

Email (for cards, membership and related payments):

AIPS President's Office

President: Gianni Merlo

Address: Via Marazzani 7, Vigevano (PV) 27029, Italy

Phone: +39-0381-690 636 Fax: +39-0381-690 638 Email: