Feedback from the 57th NSMA Awards Weekend, June 2016, Salisbury, NC:

Roch Kubatko
Roch Kubatko

Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful 2 days. The hospitality was greatly appreciated. Even a cancelled flight home couldn't ruin the trip.
Thanks again.
Roch Kubatko (2015 Maryland Co-Sportswriter of the Year)

Thank you such for the tremendous weekend. It was a blast. And the hospitality was off the charts. Thanks again.

Brett Hollander (2015 Maryland Sportscaster of the Year)

"Overwhelmed" doesn't quite reflect my feelings.

Tim Van Vooren
Tim Van Vooren

Being selected as a state winner is rewarding enough, and then to be feted by the wonderful folks of the Association and of Salisbury, leaves a guy feeling almost sheepish. You, your staff, the hosts and the people of Salisbury have gone off the charts again. My wife and I are once again left to wonder why any group would be SO generous.

It was great to see old friends and make new ones. Congratulations on pulling off another truly memorable weekend.

Tim Van Vooren (2015 Wisconsin Sportscaster of the Year)

Wess Moore
Wess Moore

I just got back to work and was telling everyone what a great weekend I had. Thank you so much! You guys do an awesome job. Everything from beginning to end was top notch. Way more than I ever expected.

Listening to the national guys and the hall of famers was inspiring! It has driven me during a slow time in sports to get better and do what it takes to be the best.

Thanks again!!

Wess Moore (2015 Arkansas Sportscaster of the Year)

Sincere thanks, once again, for the hospitality and all-around general good cheer. Wonderful to see everyone again.


Kevin Dupont (2015 Massachsuetts co-Sportswriter of Year)

George Wallace
George Wallace

Just wanted to say thanks for a great weekend. It was an honor to be recognized and everyone told me how much fun the weekend would be and it lived up to the hype!

I met a lot of new colleagues and really got to know a lot about the NSMA. I am going to join online and I hope that others do the same so we can keep going.

Thanks again, I hope to see you again next year!

George Wallace (2015 DC Sportscaster of the Year)

I wanted to reach out and tell you that I had an absolute blast at the NSMA Weekend. You really do put on a first class event.

Thanks again for a memorable weekend!

Logan Anderson (NSMA Lifetime Member and Awards Weekend Attendee from South Dakota)

Another great weekend. Your work as always was spectacular!

Dave SNell
Dave SNell

I know we didn't have a chance to speak much. The post party was late, and several people had your ear, but I sure wanted to thank you again! I had a great time with Hal Mc Coy and Skip Simmemaker talking about the NL Central.

I don't know where NSMA would be without you! Well, actually I do know!

Your hard work and dedication is top notch. The success of the weekend is largely due to your very hard work!

All the best,

Dave Snell (Hall of Fame committee member (former National Board president)

Thanks for a great night. The job that you and the staff do to put on that event in amazing. Please keep in touch and let me know if you ever need anything.

Brandt Packer (Producer - Golf Channel, son of 2016 NSMA Hall of Fame inductee Billy Packer)

I wanted to drop you a note of thanks for allowing me to be a part of the 2016 NSMA weekend. The networking opportunities were truly invaluable, and getting to meet some of the people I look up to was a tremendous honor. I look forward to helping the NSMA out even more in the future!


Matt Krause (NSMA Member and Awards Weekend Attendee)

Tim Healey
Tim Healey

Sorry I didn’t get chance to visit with you today before leaving to head back to AZ – but a quick, heart-felt “thank you’ to you and your staff for the amazing weekend you put together for this year’s NSMA honorees. The past four days were four of the best and most memorable days in my 43-year-long broadcasting career, and so much of the reason for that is the hard work you and your staff put into the awards weekend events. I was flattered to have been nominated for the Arizona Sportscaster-of-the-Year award, humbled to have won it, and thrilled beyond belief to have been a part of an evening as special as last night was. I selfishly am hoping to win this award again and again in the future, if for no other reason than to get a chance to return and partake of the amazing weekend you folks create each June.

Again, thanks so much for all you did these past few months to help create a memorable experience for yours truly. Please keep in touch!

All the best-

Tim Healey (2015 Arizona Sportscaster of Year)

Steve Core
Steve Core

Just a note of thanks for hosting Nancy and me this past weekend. Your group does a bang up job taking care of us. Special thanks to Roy and Norma, our hosts, they were wonderful. Once again, thanks so much, we had a great time. Talk with you soon.

Steve Core (2015 Wyoming Sportscaster of the Year)

Thanks again for a great weekend. Really worth the while.

Joel Godett (NSMA Member and Awards Weekend Attendee)

Rocky Erickson
Rocky Erickson

Thank you for the awesome weekend.

Rocky Erickson (2015 Montana Sportscaster of the Year)

Tom Verducci
Tom Verducci
another great job! It was a fun, memorable weekend, in no small part because of all of your hard work. I particularly enjoyed having so many young people and aspiring journalists at the event.

Keep up the great work, and thanks for all you do.
Tom Verducci (2014, 2015 National Sportswriter of the Year - Sports Illustrated)

Thanks so much for creating such a fun, memorable weekend. I was honored to be in attendance.


Steve Buckley (2015 Massachusetts co-Sportswriter of the Year)

You and the staff did a terrific job, and though I don't speak for everyone, I feel reasonably certain that all would agree.

Thanks for a great time.

Mark Boyle (2015 Indiana Sportscaster of the Year)

Keith Morehouse
Keith Morehouse

Thanks again…spectacular work by you and and your committee---your untiring efforts to make everyone feel special are very much appreciated!

Talk to you soon

Keith Morehouse (2015 West Virginia Sportscaster of the Year)

It was great to meet you and Salisbury, and thanks so much for all your hard work. It made for a great weekend. I enjoyed every minute.

Stay in touch.

All the best,

Mike Sielski (2015 Pennsylvania Sportswriter of the Year)

Thanks so much for all your help in making the NSMA weekend so enjoyable for myself and my family. We had a lot of fun. We enjoyed all our contacts with your staff and hosts, and we were very blessed to have been assigned Karl and Lynn Hales as our host couple.

It was great that you were able to join us for breakfast Tuesday and congratulations on a great event!

Thanks for all you do for NSMA,

Barry Lewis (2015 Oklahoma Sportswriter of the Year)

At the risk of Gratitude Overkill, just wanted to say THANKS AGAIN for a terrific night -- beyond all expectations for all of us.

Best, Gary Smith (2016 Hall of Fame inductee)

What a great weekend.


And everyone on your staff was wonderful, particularly Rene.

Gene Sapakoff (2015 South Carolina Sportswriter of the Year)

My name is Roy Akers and I attended the recent NSMA awards in Salisbury. I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful time and opportunities that NSMA provided me last weekend. It was a great time to learn from many of the greats of the business. If you need help for next year, I am willing to get involved if you need someone. Once again, it was a top notch time and the people of Salisbury were great.


Roy J. Akers (NSMA member and 1st time Awards Weekend attendee)

This an overdue but very sincere “thank you” for a very special weekend. I don’t know exactly what I was expecting but the weekend that you and your staff put on well exceeded anything that I anticipated. The hospitality, events, and people made last weekend one of the coolest things I’ve been to in a long time. I have the good fortune of attending a lot of events all across the country and what you all do is as good as anything I attend. I met some of the nicest, most sincerely good people in Salisbury and am so very impressed by the love that town has for your event. From top to bottom, it was a great, first-class weekend and I am honored to have been a part of it.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you and I hope to be fortunate enough to win again and be a part of your event in the future.


Jeff Siembieda Executive Director- Gildan New Mexico Bowl (2015 New Mexico Sportscaster of the Year)

I just wanted to thank you for organizing such a fantastic award's weekend. I did not attend every event, but I enjoyed the ones I did partake in. It was a memorable experience.

I also cannot thank you enough for making sure everything was accessible and verifying with me so quickly. There were no accessibility problems whatsoever.

Best, and I hope to see you again.

Ryan Wilson - Awards Weekend Attendee