Student Chapter Charter Requirements

NSMA Charter Requirements

The following charter requirements are in accordance with NSMA National bylaws. If you have questions about these requirements, contact NSMA Headquarters at (704) 633-4275.

School Requirements

An NSMA student Chapter may be established and maintained only at a college or university that:

• Offers baccalaureate degrees.

• Offers a sequence of at least five courses in media/journalism/communications.

• Is supplemented by additional courses allied to this field of study.

Required Courses

While NSMA does not try to characterize the specific nature of the required media courses, we do require proof of courses addressing the following subject areas:

• Introduction to Media

• Writing for Broadcast, Print or Digital

• Reporting for Broadcast, Print or Digital

• Broadcast performance


Each NSMA charter application must be endorsed by the executive director and two members of the NSMA Board.


At least ten students who will join the Chapter are required. Eight must be at or below the junior level.

Faculty Adviser

A Chapter must have a Faculty Adviser who teaches at least one of the media courses required for the charter and who is an NSMA member or Associate Member.

Professional Adviser

A Chapter must have one or two Professional Advisers who are NSMA members with at least five years of sports media experience or Accreditation. Associate Members do not qualify for this position.


To apply, schools must submit the following:

• A non-refundable application fee of $50, payable to NSMA.

• Two copies of the completed application and proposed bylaws.

• Two copies of each syllabus for the required media courses.

• Two copies of the teacher biographies.

Submit your application to:

NSMA — Student Charter Application, PO Box 5394, Winston-Salem, NC 27113

NSMA Charter Application Form

On behalf of the students whose names are listed below and in accordance with the regulations governing the establishment of a student Chapter of the National Sports Media Association, the undersigned hereby petition the Board of Directors of the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Hall of Fame, Inc., doing business as, the National Sports Media Association & Hall of Fame, for a grant of a charter to be known as a Chapter of the National Sports Media Association.


Full Address

Accredited By

Required Courses

The following are the media courses included in the college curriculum, names of teachers conducting them, and credits granted for each course:

Course Title

School or Department



Courses allied to the journalism/media sequence at our institution are:


Student members of the proposed Chapter are (attach extra pages if necessary):

Name Email Graduation Date

1. __________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________

2. __________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________

3. __________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________

4. __________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________

5. __________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________

6. __________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________

7. __________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________

8. __________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________

9. __________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________

10. __________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________

11. __________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________

12. __________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________

13. ­__________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________

14. __________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________

15. __________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________

16. __________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________

17. __________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________

18. __________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________

19. __________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________

20. __________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________

The petitioning students listed on this application understand that if the NSMA grants them a charter, they will, upon notification, forward a single check to NSMA National Headquarters representing $45 annual national dues for each student. Do not collect or forward dues to Headquarters before the charter is granted.

Faculty Adviser

Proposed Faculty Adviser _____________________________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Phone _______________________ E-mail _______________________________________________________________

Signature of Proposed Faculty Adviser ___________________________________________________________________

Professional Adviser(s)

Proposed Professional Adviser ________________________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Phone _______________________ E-mail _______________________________________________________________

Signature of Proposed Professional Adviser _______________________________________________________________

To be completed by the NSMA Executive Director and two NSMA Board members.

NSMA Endorsement/Approval

The NSMA Board of Directors and the NSMA executive director, by virtue of their signatures below, hereby approve the above application for an NSMA charter.

NSMA Executive Director (print) _________________________________ Signature _____________________________

NSMA Board Member (print) ___________________________________ Signature _____________________________

NSMA Board Member (print) ___________________________________ Signature _____________________________

Date: __________________