1967-Ring Lardner

Born in Niles, Michigan, on March 6, 1885, Ring Lardner is another American sportswriting legend. A sports columnist and short story writer, he is remembered for his “You know Me, Al” stories in the Saturday Evening Post, which were later published as a book. Lardner got his first job as a sports reporter in 1907, at the Chicago Inter-Ocean, before becoming the Editor of Sports news in St Louis from 1911. He continued to contribute columns to a number of newspapers, including theBoston American and Chicago American; followed by a number of other short stories, including: Haircut, Some Like Them Cold, The Golden Honeymoon, Alibi Ike, and A Day in the Life of Conrad Green. Lardner died on September 25,1933. He was inducted into the NSSA Hall of Fame on April 4, 1967.