Bama Launches Newest Student Chapter


The newest student chapter of the National Sports Media Association has been chartered at the University of Alabama. More than 40 interested students in Tuscaloosa met for the first time on January 19.

In an email, Bama Chapter president Spencer Maxwell Tomsett said,

"We introduced everyone around the room to each other and I heard "freshman" and "sophomore" from many of those in attendance, indicating we are very well equipped to produce the next executive board members from those interested in getting involved. If necessary, I can send you a completed list of members with expected graduation years if the NSMA Board requires this. I have cc'd our faculty supervisor, Dr. Sean Sadri, so he is notified of our submission and for you to contact him with any further questions or concerns you may have. In our charter, we have designated the following individuals as executive board members:

President: Spencer Maxwell Tomsett

Vice-President: Bella Martina

Treasurer: Gabby Meuse

Secretary: Summer Saunders

Membership Director: Gianna Lorito

The listed individuals will have an extended term of office, serving in their respective positions from today's day (January 19th, 2023) until June 1st, 2024, with the next election cycle set to occur during the first week of April 2024. This is to ensure our executive board has enough time to lay the foundation for the chapter during the processes involved in establishing the chapter (from both the NSMA Headquarters and the UA Student Organization Policies) while also creating systems and procedures to ensure the sustainability of the chapter well beyond our respective times at the University as college students."

NSMA executive director Dave Goren said, "The NSMA welcomes our new friends from Tuscaloosa and looks forward to working with them to provide networking, education, and mentorship to prepare them for sports media careers."

If you or your school is interested in starting an NSMA student chapter, go here for more information.

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