Coach Turned Broadcaster Has Book Out


After over forty years in Division 1 athletics, Mack McCarthy has documented his journey as a graduate assistant, an assistant coach, a head coach, an athletic administrator, as well as a television and radio analyst, in What I'm About To Tell You Is The Truth, Or Could Be.

Coach McCarthy has worked with and coached some of the most talented and colorful people in the game of basketball. While reviewing his own career, Coach shares an inside look at the game of college basketball and the reality behind the newspaper headlines and television broadcasts.

Coach Mack helped guide teams that went to eight NCAA tournaments and won a dozen championship rings. He also coached more than a dozen NBA Draft selections including multiple lottery picks like Charles Barkley, Chuck Person, Chris Morris, and Johnny Taylor. As a head coach his teams beat the likes of Auburn, Alabama, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Georgia, Illinois, Texas, Louisville, NC State and many others.

In this fun to read book, Coach McCarthy has chronicled his relationships with players, coaches, media, administrators, friends, and boosters throughout his career.

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