Meet 2017 Texas Sportscaster of the Year Brad Sham


Today's award spotlight is on NSMA 2017 Texas Sportscaster of the Year, Brad Sham.

Sham spoke with NSMA on winning his award, what he's looking forward to about awards weekend, and his start in the sports media industry.
NSMA: How does it feel to be recognized by your peers as Texas Sportscaster of the Year?
Brad Sham: There really is no better recognition than by one ‘s peers. The respect of the people in the industry means everything.
NSMA: What are you looking forward to the most during the 59th NSMA Awards Weekend?
BS: It’s always getting to see long time friends.
NSMA: How did you get your start in the sports media industry?
BS: In high school. School radio station. It’s all I ever wanted to do.
NSMA: Who were some of your mentors in the industry?
BS: My early heroes were Jack Brickhouse and Jack Buck. My mentors were Verne Lundquist and Frank Glieber.
NSMA: What’s the biggest highlight of your career in sports media? Why?
BS: I’ve been very fortunate, but I’m going into my 40th season broadcasting Dallas Cowboys games. That would be one.

NSMA: What advice would you give to someone starting in the sports media industry?

BS: Follow your passion. Don’t chase money. Outwork everyone. The only things over which only you have control are your work ethic and your attitude. Make those work for you.

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