Meet the 2020 Award Winners: Barry Svrluga


2020 DC Sportswriter of the Year talked to NSMA intern Sahil Dhawan recently. Here's part of their conversation:

Sahil Dhawan: What was your career path like on your way to your current position? Did you always know you wanted to go into sports media?

Barry Svrluga: Yeah, I kinda did. I was on the dorky sportswriter path that started with being editor of your high school paper, and then going to college and working on the sports staff. I went to Duke and worked at The Chronicle, which is the student newspaper there. I covered the men's basketball team and got to dip into there. And then, I kind of had a path that may or may not exist anymore. I didn't graduate from college and start covering a major league baseball team. I went to a small newspaper in upstate New York, circulation 17,000 in Corning, NY. From there, I went to Portland, Maine. And from there to Raleigh, North Carolina, where I covered NASCAR for a couple of years and then the University of North Carolina football and basketball teams. And then after ten years in the business, came to the Washington Post to initially cover University of Maryland basketball and football. So, kind of a meandering path.

To see the rest of the interview, click on the picture below.

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