Meet the 2020 Award Winners: Keith Farmer


2020 Kentucky Sportswriter of the Year Keith Farmer talked to NSMA intern Sahil Dhawan recently. Here's part of their conversation:

Sahil Dhawan: What was your career path like on your way to your current position? Did you always know you wanted to go into sports media?

Keith Farmer: There were a couple of things. First off, I was a channel surfer; I was always flipping through CBS, NBC, ABC and I liked to watch sports. The second thing I always tell people is when I was growing up our church started to televise our services. It gave me a little bit of what it was like to be behind the camera and to record services as well as weddings. This was all in high school, so I started thinking 'maybe I could do something in TV.' At that time ESPN was actually starting and I thought it would be cool to do something in TV. I knew I wanted to go to college to study TV - that was the bug to get me there. I didn't know if I wanted to be in front of the camera but when I got to college is when I got to try it out and that is when I decided that is what I wanted to do with my life.

To see the rest of the interview, click on the picture below.

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