Meet the 2020 Award Winners: OR co-Sportscaster Adam Bjaranson


Adam Bjaranson of KOIN-TV in Portland, OR shares the 2020 Oregon Sportscaster of the Year Award with Orlando Sanchez of KGW-TV. Bjaranson recently talked to NSMA intern Sahil Bjaranson about how he got his start in tv sports.

Sahil Dhawan: What was your career path like? Did you know you wanted to be a sports anchor?

Adam Bjaranson: Yes, no question. I remember distinctly when it was. I was in sixth grade, and I said, "Y'know what, if I can't play professional sports at some level, I want to make sure that I am going to be able to talk about sports professionally." And I was a big fan -- this is going to date me a bit -- but I was a huge fan of Howard Cosell and how he used to treat and react with Muhammad Ali and then on Monday Night Football. So I watched those two and I was just drawn to it. But in the sixth grade, I said, "I'm going to be a sports anchor in Portland, Oregon." And wouldn't you know it, all these years later, and it's awesome.

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