Meet the 2020 Award Winners: Rich Cimini


2020 New York Sportswriter of the Year talked to NSMA intern Sahil Dhawan recently. Here's part of their conversation:

Sahil Dhawan: What was your career path like on your way to your current position?

Rich Cimini: I have been really lucky. I have worked for three great media associations when I got out of Syracuse University many years ago. I started working fro Newsday on Long Island which was my hometown paper that I grew up reading.I worked there for 11 years and never thought I'd leave but something came up and I went over to the New York Daily news when they were really thriving in a bustling New York City tabloid. I stayed there for 14 years until I went over to ESPN. I have been at ESPN for the past 11 years, so no one has been luckier than me. I have worked for three great places and have been covering the the Jets for a very long time which I enjoy doing.

To see the rest of the interview, click on the picture below.

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