Nomination Balloting Underway for 2017 NSMA Awards


Nomination ballots for the 2017 NSMA Awards were emailed to NSMA members on October 15th. Members will nominate up to three people for each of the following categories:
  • State Sportscaster of the Year
  • State Sportswriter of the Year
  • National Sportscaster of the Year
  • National Sportswriter of the Year

The top two vote-getters (plus ties) for the state categories, and top ten vote-getters (plus ties) in the national categories will appear on the final ballot. The NSMA Hall of Fame Committee and Board members, along with the executive director, will decide which ten names are placed in nomination for the Hall of Fame.

Results of the nomination voting will be released after the voting is completed. The final ballot will be emailed to members on December 1, for voting through December 31.

Winners will be notified beginning on January 1, and will be released to the public the week of January 8.

The 59th Annual NSMA Awards Weekend is scheduled for June 23-25, 2018 in Winston-Salem, NC.

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