NSMA Member Morganroth Publishes Book


NSMA member Scott Morganroth's Lessons from the Microphone: Tuning Into the Enduring Wisdom of Visionary Leaders offers an unparalleled voyage into the minds of our generation's transformative figures. Through the lens of Broadcaster Scott Morganroth, readers gain an intimate look into the candid conversations he's shared with these industry trailblazers.

Understanding the landscape becomes essential in an age where Old School Media battles New Media for dominance. Morganroth delves into what it truly means to be a 'Content Hunter' in this modern era, highlighting the challenges and rewards of navigating the evolving media landscape. Shadowing colleagues and drawing from his own rich background, he offers a unique perspective on the shifting dynamics of journalism and the necessity to get it right and avoid factual errors.

The book further captivates with tales of Morganroth's best interviews, each brimming with insights, strategies, and memorable anecdotes. As readers await further publishing details, which will be revealed upon finalizing the right partnership, this work promises to be an essential guide for media enthusiasts, budding journalists, and anyone eager to understand the nexus between visionary leadership and media evolution.

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