NSMA member Murry run/walk 100 miles to raise awareness for Rett syndrome


What is Rett Gets Rocked?

  • Jay Murry (WashU Sports Announcer and 3-time NSMA Missouri Sportscaster of the Year) and his solo ultramarathon fundraiser for Rett syndrome awareness
  • Attempting to run/walk 100 miles in 32 hours (9 a.m. October 23 to 5 p.m. October 24)
  • For: Rett Spectrum Clinic at St. Louis Children’s Hospital & International Rett Syndrome Foundation
  • Last year: 86 miles October 3-4, 31.1 miles (50K) October 30-31 to reach fundraising goal
  • Previous 3 Years of Rett Gets Rocked: raised over $14,000
  • Donation Link: https://rettracers2021.funraise.org/fundraiser/jay-murry

What is Rett syndrome?

  • A rare debilitating neurological disorder caused by a gene mutation in the brain
  • Has the symptoms of autism, cerebral palsy, and epilepsy—in a child who cannot speak
  • Strikes when a child is typically 6-18 months of age, just when he or she is starting to walk and talk
  • Severe physical regressions afterward take away independent movement and means of communication
  • Seizures, cardiac issues, swallowing and digestive problems, scoliosis are common with Rett syndrome
  • Currently no cure, but progress continues in gene replacement therapy and drug treatments in clinical trials

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