Recap of the 64th NSMA Awards Weekend/ Convention


GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA (July 2, 2024) – Hall of Fame inductees Joe Buck, Andrea Kremer, and Jayson Stark headlined the 64th National Sports Media Association’s 64th Awards Banquet at Grandover Resort & Spa here last night. Buck, Kremer, and Stark were joined as inductees by posthumous inductees Roger Kahn and Tim McCarver. McCarver’s daughter, Kathy, and grandson, Beau Root, accepted on his behalf. More than 300 people attended the event, which honors sportscasters and sportswriters for excellence.

2023 National Sportscaster of the Year, Kevin Harlan, and 2023 National Sportswriter of the Year, Jeff Passan received their awards, along with 50 State Sportscasters and Sportswriters of the Year, Woody Durham Voice of College Sports Award winner, Mike Reis, Jim Nantz Award winner, Derryl Barnes Jr., and Big House Gaines Award winner, Kevin Keatts, of North Carolina State University.

The awards banquet capped off the two-day NSMA Awards Weekend & National Convention, which included the Legacy Night celebration on June 30, and the NSMA’s Convergence Summit, a series of panels presented by many of the NSMA award winners. The panels are geared toward students and young professionals, and tackle subjects of interest to sports media.

During the day on Monday, the NSMA hosted its Convergence Summit, a series of six panels designed to educate students and young professionals. Kremer, Stark, and Harlan were among the presenters, along with several other award winners. At the same time, the NSMA Feedback Room was open for students and young professionals to receive feedback on their demo reels and clip files. A dozen NSMA award winners – both past and present – provided the critiques.

Legacy Night featured the presentation of the 2023 Best Young (Under 30) Reporter to Wynston Wilcox and the 2023 Best Sports Book, Why We Love Baseball, to Joe Posnanski. Following those presentations, NSMA executive director, Dave Goren, gave the Roone Arledge Award for Innovation to Peter Gilbert. Gilbert was the director of photography and one of the producers of Hoop Dreams, the seminal 1994 documentary, featuring two high school students from inner-city Chicago who dreamed of playing in the NBA. Following the award presentation, Goren moderated a discussion about Hoop Dreams with Gilbert and one of the subjects of the film, Arthur Agee.

The 65th NSMA Awards Weekend & National Convention is scheduled for June of 2025. The site and exact dates are to be determined.

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