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She Plays Weekly Host Application

The She Plays team is seeking a host for a new, weekly women’s sports show to launch online in early 2021. She Plays Weekly will cover all aspects of women’s sports with a late-night TV
sensibility: think Late Night with Seth Meyers meets SportsCenter, or Always Late with Katie Nolan for the women’s sports world. The host will be the face and life of the show, lending their
unique personality and perspective to every aspect of production, so it’s crucial that they have a big personality and the capability to bring a brand-new project to life.

Show Description
She Plays Weekly is a sports show that covers all the best of women’s sports on and off the field, combining high-quality sports insights with a late-night television feel. Irreverent but
honest, informative but entertaining, She Plays Weekly is the comprehensive program women’s sports fans have never had before. With news, highlights, comedy, and guests every week, She
Plays Weekly is here to raise up the athletes and call out the bull***t.
Position Description
- Host a weekly 20–30 minute talk show about the week in women’s sports.
- Interview guests and participate in on-air segments.
- Work with the writing team to bring your own personality and voice to the show.
- Self-tape the show from home each week (You will have a support team, and we will help work out logistics and equipment to find a way of shooting that works best for you).
- 5-10 hours/week commitment; a small monthly stipend to start with the opportunity to grow as the company grows.
Host Requirements
- High energy, flexibility, and creativity. The ideal candidate will be comfortable working with a small team to pitch ideas and solve problems, adding their own unique take to
help build this show from the ground up.
- Comfortable working without an audience. The ideal host will be able to drive the energy of the show and keep an exciting pace without the immediate feedback of a live
- Passion for women’s sports. Since the host’s personality and interests will greatly influence the tone and direction of the show, it’s crucial that they have a genuine passion
for the world of women’s sports.
- Comedy sense. The tone of the show can range from serious to silly, so the host needs to have a good sense of comedic timing and comfort working with a range of topics.
- Writing ability. Ideally, the host will play a part in the writing of the show as well. Comfort pitching ideas and jokes as well as more serious stories is a huge plus.

If this sounds like you, please send an application packet to with the
following information:
- Resume of relevant experience (if you have limited experience don’t let that stop you; we want to hear from anyone who’s passionate about the idea.).
- Cover letter describing your interest in women’s sports, this style of show, or anything else you’d like us to know about you or your interest in the project. Feel free to pitch an idea, share a story, anything you like.

- We’d love to get a sense of your writing style and ideas so we can see what your unique personality could bring to the show. Choose any or all of these prompts to answer to give us a better idea of what you can do:

1) Write 5-10 topical, monologue-style short stories or jokes. These are the top stories from the week that will open each show, and would ideally be about sports, but also feel free to use news, pop culture or anything else that interests you. (Check out this episode of Always Late with Katie Nolan for some great examples of this writing style).
2) Pitch 3-5 ideas for short segments/bits for the show. These can be ideas for games the host could play with guests, joke segments, more serious/analytical sports segments, anything at all. Think typical late-night show desk bits, but with a women’s sports angle. Please describe ideas and give examples rather than writing out a script.
3) Free reign: Pitch any ideas you’d like to share, even if you’re not sure it fits. We want to know what interests you the most.

Thank you so much for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you soon!
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