Student Member Spotlight

Aaron Leicht
Aaron Leicht

Aaron Leicht recently joined the NSMA as a student member. When he was asked where he was enrolled in school, his return email told a unique story:

"I’m a 'non-traditional' student (38 years old) at Full Sail University, enrolled in Dan Patrick’s School of Sportscasting. I am only two months into the program, but wrote a paper recently on Dan Patrick and learned that he was named the “National Sportscaster Of The Year” by your organization in 2000 (Ed. note: 2012 as well). Just this week, an assignment was to research an industry association that we’d like to be a part of, and yours immediately came to mind. During my research I realized I could join as a student, and am thrilled at the opportunity.

"I’ve had a sales/marketing/public speaking career since I left the Navy back in 2006, but my dream has always been radio and sports broadcast. With only 3 years left to use my GI Bill, I felt it was now or never. I regret having waited this long! More information than you asked for, but I’m excited for the road ahead. Having looked at your student chapters as well, I noticed there was not one for the sportscasting program at Full Sail? I’d certainly be interested in helping promote that, as I know many students would benefit."

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