See which winners are coming to The 59th NSMA Awards Weekend


Here is the latest list of NSMA Hall of Fame inductees and award winners scheduled to attend the 59th NSMA Awards Weekend, June 23-25 in Winston-Salem, NC. (Updated May 21)

Category Position First Name Last Name
Hall of Fame Sportswriter Thomas Boswell
Hall of Fame Sportswriter Dick Weiss
National Sportscaster Kevin Harlan
National Sportswriter Adrian Wojnarowski
Alabama Sportswriter Matt Zenitz
Colorado Sportswriter Mark Kiszla
District of Columbia Sportswriter Mark Zuckerman
District of Columbia Sportscaster Joe Beninati
Florida Sportscaster Eric Reid
Georgia Sportswriter Jeff Schultz
Georgia Sportscaster Wes Durham
Idaho Sportswriter Chris King
Idaho Sportscaster B.J. Rains
Illinois Sportswriter Chris Hine
Indiana Sportswriter Eric Hansen
Indiana Sportscaster Don Fischer
Iowa Sportscaster Keith Murphy
Kansas Sportswriter Bob Davidson
Kentucky Sportscaster Tom Lane
Kentucky Sportscaster Jen Smith
Louisiana Sportwriter Scott Rabalais
Massachusetts Sportswriter Dan Shaughnessy
Michigan Sportscaster Jack Ebling
Minnesota Sportswriter Chip Scoggins
Minnesota Sportscaster John Focke
Mississippi Sportscaster Rob Jay
Montana Sportscaster Jay Sanderson
Nevada Sportscaster Amber Dixon

New York Sportswriter Neil Best
New York Sportscaster Bruce Beck
North Carolina Sportswriter Andrew Carter
North Carolina Sportswriter Luke DeCock
North Carolina Sportscaster Stan Cotten
North Dakota Sportscaster Brad Anderson
Ohio Sportswriter Tim May
Ohio Sportscaster Dan Hoard

Rhode Island Sportscaster Nick Coit
South Carolina Sportswriter Grace Raynor
South Carolina Sportswriter Scott Keepfer
South Carolina Sportscaster Scott Eisberg
South Dakota Sportswriter Ryan Deal
South Dakota Sportscaster Dellas Cole
Tennessee Sportswriter Joe Rexrode
Tennessee Sportscaster Pete Pranica
Texas Sportscaster Brad Sham
Utah Sportscaster Alema Harrington
Vermont Sportswriter Tom Haley
Virginia Sportswriter David Teel
Virginia Sportscaster Wes McElroy
West Virginia Sportswriter Chuck McGill
West Virginia Sportscaster Steve Cotton

If you'd like to see or meet these award winners from all over the country, go here to purchase tickets. Some of the winners will also be at the NSMA Sports Book Festival from 2-5pm, on Sunday, June 24th at Bookmarks on Fourth Street in Winston-Salem. That event is free and open to the public.

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