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​No Bull: The Real Story of the Rebirth of a Team and a City, By Ron Morris


NSMA member and contributor Ron Morris has written a book about the Durham Bulls minor league baseball team. What follows is the prologue for the book. Ordering information can be found at the bottom of the column.

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Show Me The Damned Game!, By Ron Morris


My voice is still hoarse from screaming during the recent NCAA men’s basketball tournament, and it had nothing to do with the officiating or my rooting interest in any team involved.

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Minor League Memory, By Mark McCarter


Any night, the phone will ring. It’s that time of the year. It’s a spring training tradition. Though with each passing year, the phone call seems to come earlier in the evening, with less background noise and less evidence of the callers being ambitiously served.

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The Joy of Covering HBCUs, By Ron Morris


I had the great fortune throughout my journalism career to cover many historically black college athletic programs. I say “great fortune” because I found over the years that nowhere is a reporter’s work better appreciated, nowhere is a writer’s access to subject matter greater, and nowhere is there more fertile ground for producing good copy.

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The NCAA Tournament: Elites Rule, By Bob Ryan


From NSMA Hall of Famer Bob Ryan, special to

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A Farewell to Salisbury, By MIKE DOWNEY


I knew little or nothing — no, absolutely nothing — about Salisbury, N.C., in my youth. Like a lot of other people (damn Yankees) living hundreds or thousands of miles from there, the extent of my knowledge about the entire state of North Carolina was minimal and stereotypical: tobacco, basketball, Andy Griffith.

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Jerry Izenberg Remembers NSMA Hall of Famer Sam Lacy


He never cared much for the new computer technology, and, as he aged, acute arthritis came between him and his typewriter. Because of this last, for the last 30 years of life, Sam wrote his weekly sports column for the Baltimore-based Afro-American in longhand on a plain paper tablet.

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Some Rules Changes Are Actually Good


Recently, I found myself sounding like a grumpy old man – imagine that -- railing against two proposed rules changes in sports.

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Mark McCarter


Mark McCarter discusses the burden of Atlanta fandom.

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Bob Ryan


Kyle Shanahan’s backpack was missing. Inside was the game plan for Super Bowl LI. All’s well that ends well, but you know what the conspiratorial thinkers among us were thinking.

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George Vecsey


We meet every few months at Foley’s pub in Manhattan. My friends have new hips and new knees and one of them has a new shoulder – “diving for a loose ball in practice,” Lew Freifeld explains. That was half a century ago.

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