Becoming A Great Reporter


There are no secrets, no shortcuts. To become a great reporter takes work and experience.

Join the NSMA's Continuing Education Series for Becoming A Great Reporter to learn what it takes, on Thursday, May 28 at 4pm EDT.

Our panelists include these outstanding reporters:

  • 13-time NSMA Virginia Sportswriter of the Year, David Teel of the Richmond Times-Dispatch;
  • 2-time NSMA South Carolina Sportswriter of the Year, Grace Raynor of The Athletic;
  • former reporter, Michael Wallace of Grind City Media/Memphis Grizzlies.
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All-time NSMA State Award Winners


Looking at the NSMA all-time state winners for both Sportswriters and Sportscasters

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Watch the NSMA's Play-by-Play Prep with the Pros Summit


Learn play-by-play tips from industry pros such as Bob Behler (Boise State), Mark Boyle (Indiana Pacers), Matt Krause (North Carolina), John Rooke (Providence College), Wes Durham (Atlanta falcons/ACC Network), Eric Reid (Miami Heat), Dave Sims (Seattle Mariners), and more. Aired live on April 30, 2020.

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The Jim Nantz Award


A history of the Jim Nantz Award, the people behind it, and the people who have won it.

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